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The Sonoma Diet For Weight Loss




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The Sonoma Diet and Nutrition


The Sonoma Diet has several points in common with the Mediterranean diet because it virtually includes, many of the foods recommended in that system, and because in the same way of this mediterranean eating plan, can also be used to control some common ailments such us diabetes, cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease. The Sonoma DIet system was created by Dr. Guttersen, who is an expert in nutrition from the Culinary Institute of American in Greystone.

According to the creator of this diet, certain agricultural areas in California are very similar to those on some countries in the Mediterranean area, and both have a similar weather. For that reason we can consume almost the same food than in those mediterranean lands, because they occur in large numbers in the agricultural areas of California.

The Sonoma diet recommends ten foods that help lowering the bad cholesterol levels, and contain essential nutrients for health. The foods are: almonds, bell peppers, blueberries, broccoli, grapes, virgin olive oil, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes, whole grains.

It consists of three stages or WAVES, of which the first is the most difficult to fulfill as the patient cannot eat sugar, flour, white bread, fruits, margarine, mayonnaise, cheese containing fat, and whole milk. This is a sharp step adaptation to new eating habits, where the emphasis is on changing our habits, but especially in cultivate a strong discipline regarding eating foods that may not benefit us in any way. In this first stage the patient can consume skim milk, olive oil, whole grains, vegetables, 1 egg per day, lean meats, nuts, and some legumes.

In wave two, you can include in your diet some fruits, more vegetables , low-fat yogurt, and of course you can eat every day the 10 recommended foods.

Step number three is maintenance, where the  emphasis is put in to adopt the recommended food as a lifestyle food. You can certainly be very healthy, enjoying a proper weight during your whole life, as all the  essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are secured with the Sonoma Diet system.

As always a proper and harmonious attitude toward food may be helpful . Diets can be maintained for some time , but adequate living habits last forever.


Some specific herbal supplements and natural remedies  are indicated to increase our vitality, and are a very efficient method to restore the strengh.




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