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The Raw Food Diet For Weight Loss

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The raw food diet basically holds that the human metabolism is much better suited to eat raw foods, and then when we cook our meals they lose many of their essential nutrients and enzymes. This system is also used for weight loss and as every unusual diet has aroused much controversy among nutritionists and doctors. Also this system has some disregards with the human evolution history, and the skills develop by the human race on this planet to achieve a more comfortable and complete life. At some point the Raw Foof Diet has a certain similarity with the "Paleolithic Diet" because it considers man as a collector consuming uncooked foods. Of course the strict version of the raw food diet is based on vegetarian foods, although some practicioners of the method also propose the consumption of certain amounts of unpasteurized milk, and raw fish.

Basically, the diet is based on fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, beans, coconut milk, soy milk, eggs, fish oil. This diet according to many experts may have deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients, and therefore they recommend to eat vegetables rich in protein and iron, beans, figs, vegetable oils.

As in this system the food is not cooked, they use a dehydrator, but some doctors believe that this can generate some toxicity, since it is not possible to eliminate some bacteria in food.

This diet does not have restrictions on the quantities of food that can be consumed per day, but in fact the consumption of nuts and legumes can provide too many calories if the amounts are not controlled.

This diet has obvious advantages, such as the amount of fibers, cholesterol control, prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes prevention, and certainly it can help to achieve weight loss benefits. The cons are focused in the lack of certain nutrients, and the fact that it is very difficult to maintain during a long time.

Although we are unable to affirm or refute the arguments about this raw food diet, it is possible to say that not all metabolisms are equal, and not all people tolerate raw foods. This fact alone is enough to affirm that the raw food diet is not something that has to do with the human evolution or genetics.

As always a correct and harmonious attitude towards food can be helpful. Diets can be maintained for some time, but the adequate habits will last forever.

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