the macrobiotic diet

The Macrobiotic Diet


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The Macrobiotic Diet For Weight Loss


The macrobiotic diet have had it origin in Japan, and basically  recommends a diet based on grains, legumes, vegetables, some fruits, and fish meat only a few days a week. The supporters of this system affirm that the mind, metabolism, and body can work properly only when certain balances (Yin-Yang) are achieved, and this is the reson for the intake of the recommended food, because it can help to accomplish these goals.
The Yang foods provide an invigorating and warm energy. This is achieved by eating cereals, legumes, vegetables, some fruits, fish.
The yin foods provide a cold and debilitating energy. This group Includes red meat, sugar, dairy, tropical fruits (bananas, kiwi, pineapple, etc), potatoes, tomatoes, alcohol.
The Macrobiotic Diet recommends the intake of the following foods:
Whole grains. (Rice, wheat, corn, oats)
Vegetables and cooked vegetables.
Fish meat and eggs. Both very restricted.
Some cooked or dried fruit.
The Macrobiotic Diet Does Not Recommend the intake of the following foods:
Red Meats.
Animal fats.
Dairy in any form.
Sugar and its derivatives.
All products made with refined products.
Potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes.
Fruits from the Tropics. Bananas, kiwis, mango, etc.
Preservatives, dyes, chemicals.
Although the macrobiotic diet proposes a lifestyle, and is not intended for people who need to lose weight, it is also used to help people who need to lose weight and are willing to follow a diet method that has very little to do with the occidiental eating style. As every diet out of the ordinary the macrobiotic diet arouses much controversy among physicians, nutritionists, and specialists, because our lifestyle incorporates other foods on a daily basis.
Some weight loss diets based on this system. are known as "the diet 13 days" cleansing diets etc.
This diet may have benefits, such as fiber intake, the control of bad cholesterol, the prevention of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The contraindications according some doctors are centered on the lack of certain nutrients, and the fact that it is very difficult to maintain this kind of diet for a long time.
Although we are unable to affirm or refute the arguments of the macrobiotic diet, it is strange that the intake of foods that have been always part of the global diet, such as tropical fruits, potatoes, and tomatoes, can have contraindications for the human being. Interestingly these foods are recommended by older systems like the Indian ayurveda.

Having a moderate and controlled approach with food can be helpful. Diets can be maintained for a some time, but the adequate living habits will be always with us.

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