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The Benefits of The Lemonade Diet


A proper weight and a sound  health is always in the mind of every person all around the world, and fortunatelly  there are hundreds of diet plans, which can suit the wishes all of kind of people.


The Lemonade Diet was originally known as the Master Cleanse Diet, and its creator originally recommended this plan as a system to detoxify the body of accumulated waste by poor diet, sedentary activity, and toxic emotions. The original idea was then to achieve a deep cleansing of the body and purify the kidneys. After many years this lemonade diet became popular as a weight loss system, when it was used by some celebrities and movie stars.

This is a liquid diet and the patient must take daily a special  veberage containing fresh lemon, natural water, organic maple syrup, and cayenne pepper . It also includes a morning intake of water and salt. You can continue the Lemonade Diet for a term of 5 to 14 days , during which all kinds of solid food are forbiden, and a drastic reduction of calories is experienced. Obviously this is a fast system to lose weight, and therefore must be controlled and monitored by a specialist.


Basically this diet Lemonade, is under the same reviews than the fasting systems, and the experts say it could cause dizziness, nausea, headaches, loss of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and muscle mass reduction. Also it slows the rate of metabolism, when the trend of all modern systems recommend foods that speed up the metabolic rate. Anyway as this system was not originally designed for weight loss , revive the debate about whether the fasting systems are indicated or not for weight loss. Many experts say, that  methods like this must be used only to achieve the benefits of the regular fasts, such us detoxification, relief of some digestive ailments, etc .

Obviously this is a system that should be recommended and monitored by a specialist, becuse fasting for more than 24 hours may have undesirable consequence for many people. This diet promises a rapid weight loss, but revives the debate about whether we need or not these drastic systems to achieve a proper weight and mantain it.


Specifically this system can be used for very specific goals, such as a work commitment, but can hardly be taken as a durable system in time. As always a harmonious mental attitude towards food can be the great solution. Diets can be maintained for some time, but the adequate living habits last forever


Some specific herbal supplements  are indicated to increase our vitality, and are a very efficient method to restore the strengh.

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