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The Benefits of The Paleo Diet


The Paleolithic diet was created as a specific diet to lose weight, but in reality is based on the diet that was hypothetically used by the primitive man during the human being life in the caves, and upon the opinion of the creators of the system, it ensures a healthy life because it is based on the genetics of the human being.

The Paleo Diet includes an eating plan based on the intake of the only food that the human beings had during the Paleolithic era, that as we know lasted millions of years, and ended with the beginning of agriculture about 10,000 years ago. One of the pillars of the paleo diet is that the natural environment where the primitive man were welcomed had virtually no carbohydrates to eat in a natural way. This is one of the basis of this diet, because they affirm that the human kind is naturally furnished to eat only some kind of meals.

This lack of adaptation of the human metabolism to eat carbohydrates, is according to the practitioners of the Paleo Diet one of the causes of the excessive fat accumulation, and other diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, caries. As you can see this diet rules out most of the products generated on the basis of the agriculture, such as flours, sugars, legumes, etc.

Therefore this diet is based on eating all kinds of meat, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, roots, seeds, nuts. It excludes all grains, sugars, legumes, dairy, salt, and refined oils.

It has some similarities with the popular Atkins diet, but the Paleo Diet includes from the beginning, razonable amounts of vegetables, fruits, grains,

This diet was popularized by Walter Voegtlin, who claims that the Paleolithic diet is the only adapted to the human genetics, as we are carnivores by nature. Of course these claims have raised all sorts of disputes from other nutritionists, vegetarian groups, vegans, protectionist, etc. It is a well known fact for example, that some American cultures lived during thousands of years with a diet based on corn, vegetables, and some fruits, with any lack of nutrition or shortages, and with good overall health.

Although we are not able to refute or affirm the foundations of the paleo diet, it is valid to ask whether the conditions and metabolism of the caveman is the same than the one that we enjoy in our era. There have been many changes affecting the metabolic and organic processes from those ancient times. What we can say is that the mind and psychology of our times has nothing to do with the caveman.

As always a correct and harmonious attitude toward food may be helpful. Diets can be maintained for some time, but adequate living habits last forever

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