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The Benefits Of Atkins Diet

The benefits of a healthy weight are always in th plans of everyone , and there are virtually dieting methods, which can satisfy people of all ages and life styles.

This time we will analyze one of the most famous diets, the " Atkins Diet " , which became very popular a few years ago, by emphasizing a diel system, almost exclusively eating proteins with minimal amount of carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. This system caused much controversy during many years, because it is possible to achieve a significant weight loss in the first few weeks , but it's hard to keep this method  during many time, and according to the doctors it can generate some health problems. Also people that have followed the "Atkins Diet" during a period of time, say that you can feel a little strange , as the Western way of eating includes many carbohydrates and sugars.

During the first phase of this diet , the follower must eat almost all kinds of meat, cheese, eggs, oils, margarine, fish, and a small serving of vegetables . Then during the following weeks, you can gradually incorporate more vegetables, but virtually no fruits are consumed.

This diet promises a rapid weight loss, but the critics say the can cause muscle loss, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies, due to the lack of carbohydrates. Also there are reports of people suffering some bad breath problems . The  most adverse comments against this system, are based on the fact that it can dangerously increase the cholesterol levels and hypertension.

Some medical sources recommend not to following this diet for more than thirty consecutive days, but is also recognized as an alternative for those who need to lose weight quickly. Many nutritionists recommend following a protein diet once a week, as it can help in speeding up the metabolism.

As always a moderate attitude towards food can be a great help . Diets can be maintained for some time , but right mental attitude lasts forever.

Maybe the "Atkins Diet" will result, but in the long term people who maintain their proper weight have made of moderation their lifestyle. Not only with food, but also with their habits and emotions.

Some specific herbal supplements  are indicated to increase our vitality, and are a very efficient method to restore the strengh.







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